Evolving Journey



“Shaking up a cocktail of spirit and soul with a twist of laughter”


 The deeper we go on the evolving journey of life, the more we need the company of laughter. For wherever there is transparency, truth, and real life shared, there will be--admist the tears--great mirth and even hilarity.

After all, the spiritual path isn't just about our "spiritual" selves. It's about our whole selves: body, mind, spirit and soul--all collaborating in the divine process of growth, rest, revelation, renewal and re-creation.

Maridel Bowes passes around the elixir of spirit, psyche, and humor through her writings and inspirational presentations. Deep inside her blogs, newsletters, books, articles and interactive talks is the ever-germinating seed of one thing: radical trust in one’s own transformation…with a side of laughter.  

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