Recruited off the island is so much better than being booted, yes? I came to Maui in May with a plan: I’d make my first off island foray in mid-October. No way I would I be caught alive in Hawaii or anywhere else in the world that month with a third grandchild’s birth in Portland and my mother’s 90th birthday party in Boise. But unborn children, I’ve learned, love to rearrange one’s schedule – a bit of practice for their earthly debut.

It seems our little one has raised such a serious and ongoing ruckus with his mother’s body that he needs to be escorted out early…and until that point, his Mom, Dad and siblings need some extra help. My daughter-in-love’s family, who lives four hours away, has already covered the bases through two lengthy hospital stays while simultaneously remodeling the house to make room for the last-born. So a few days ago, I got an imploring call from my children. Could I come sooner? The long answer was something about checking the cost of changing my ticket. The short answer was, “Of course.” If wild horses couldn’t keep me away from my firstborn in need, how was a few hundred dollars going to manage that feat?

So a week from today I’ll be leaving fair Maui and don’t know when I’ll be back. At one time, I truly thought I knew when I was leaving (Oct 5) and when I’d be coming back (Nov 5)--and had reservations to prove it. Turns out I knew neither. Even before the call to follow my maternal instincts arrived, I’d started to feel wary about my island return date. My intuition was rumbling around inside of me with all the subtlety of a loose bowling ball in the trunk, notifying me that I wouldn’t be coming back as planned.

So I’ve abandoned all plans now. My unborn grandson, Geren (or possibly “Garren”) has had four C-section due dates and even the current one isn’t for certain. I’ve already changed both ends of a round-trip reservation that seemed perfect when I made it. Because our “Hale Wahine Mana” lease is coming to an end in my absence and I don’t have a known return date, I’m putting my things in storage at the “Extra Space Storage” in Kahalui and planning (oops) intending to get my own place when I come back.

And for some inexplicable reason, all this all feels fine to me. My conjecture is that my Sagittarian self is finally getting to roam free and live by the brighter lights of her being. Or in non-astrological language, I'm living more of myself. I only know that with my storage shed in California, my storage space in Maui, and my two suitcases at the ready, I feel strangely unfettered, uncluttered and at peace.

Now the only plan is to listen to the voice inside me and let it “show me the path to the greatest love for myself and for this world.” *

A Hui Hou,

*Taken from “the path to the greatest love” by Gavin Bowes