Readers, forgive me for I have sinned. It’s been two weeks and four days since my last blog. I have missed sharing the adventure of Maui with you, but as we all know, blogs are a reflection of every day life and mine has drastically changed. Overnight I went from writer, astrologer and casual island-dweller to chauffeur, chef, caretaker and urban-dweller. One evening I was laughing, sipping and sharing with our Maui circle in the tropical twilight and thirty-six hours later I was washing the tresses of a four-year old blonde with “Strawberry Smoothie Shampoo.”

On my first driving assignment in an SUV twice as long as “Go Girl,” (my island wheels), the Universe winked at me. There’s a palm tree sticker on my children’s car window and as I pulled out onto the highway, a car with a decal of the Hawaiian isles was right in front of me. My granddaughter’s teacher greeted me with, “I hear you live in Hawaii! I’m going there in January and would love to have some tips.”  The message was unmistakable: if home is inside you, it smiles back at you wherever you are.

So here I am reincarnated on the Mainland again—willingly, happily and exhaustedly in service to my family. My blow-up bed receives me at night like a lover who embraces without the bother of becoming conscious. Most mornings I get to sleep in, but once I’m up I’m in perpetual motion until the end of the day when Nikki and I perform the ritual of watching an episode of “White Collar” together.  Then I shuffle off to the other side of the house to my quarters where I’ll be taking up space until mid-October—after which I move on to a big family event in Idaho before returning to Portland for a reprise of  the “Daily Delly Show.” In the meantime, my third grandchild, Garren, will be born on October fifth—he with kidney complications and his mother scheduled for a heart procedure two days later.

Among the many things of which I am unsure these days, is my “Moving to Maui” blog.How does one who has temporarily migrated to the “Lower 48” proceed? Before my flight here it was a philosophical question. But now, not a question at all. My only choice is to take a pregnant pause. a) I’m neither moving to nor living on Maui b) all creative energy is used up on staying witty, wise and flexible with a four and an eight-year-old c) in all probability, this is my last newborn in this lifetime and while I may well write about it later, I just want immerse myself in it now

I hope to keep in touch from time to time across the next few months as my Mainland venture continues. And in-between, know that the deep imprint of Maui’s beauty and the spirit of Aloha are inspiring me to love my live and live it fully wherever I go.

A Hui Hou,