Once upon a time I was desperately (borderline hopelessly) techy-challenged. I remember a teary conversation with my techy-blessed sidekick, Sandi, over the execution of the “Save As” feature. The tears were mine but by the end of the conversation, she may have been driven to them as well.

Then I published a book. Lots of people say, “I have a book in me,” which is kind of like saying, “I have a child in me.” Getting pregnant is the easy part. It’s the birth and its unending novella that tell the story. For like a child, a book will take you to all kinds of places that you didn’t plan on going—ever. Mine took me into the netherworld of networking, over the complex terrain of marketing, and into the bad fairytale forest of credit card debt. And then, it ushered me into a realm not yet invented when I was hashing out my manuscript in my little trailer by the sea: Social Media or “SoMe” for short. Or in my case, “SoWhyMe?”

I’m still a fledgling in this sci-fi land, but I’m in the game and here’s what I’ve found: learning SoMe is a lot like life.

1. If You Can’t Ask For Help, Don’t Go. Neither life not SoMe is a solo act. I’m a flaming independent but would have been snuffed out by now if I hadn’t learned to reach out. I reached out to Ann Evanston and her Social Networking and Coaching Club. I reached out to my fellow SoMe mates, reminding me of the days when two of my graduate school classmates and I ganged up on statistics. None of us grasped a lot, but we all grasped different things. We not only got by, but got A's. 

2. Let Some Things Sit. I’m not a fan of this one, mind you. It’s just that I’ve found it sometimes works. I couldn’t get that darn “Hootlet” to move its wise butt up to the top of the page even after watching the Twitter vid! (I didn’t fully understand why I needed it yet, but I still wanted it!) Neither could I get my blog into linkedIn’s good graces no matter what I did. Even reaching out didn’t work. Then in the midst of doing something else, the candle magically lit and the answers revealed themselves. Forcing is hard. Letting certain things sit can be effortlessly productive.

3. Bit-by-bit Isn’t Bitty. Aren’t you always astonished at how things add up? Starbucks spendage. Cell phone usage. Chocolate therapage. What seems small (and is) keeps adding up! In SoMe and in life, little gets big when you keep doing it consistently, strategically, and from the heart. Right now, I’m armed with far more SoMe knowledge and know-how than is probably safe. But blog-by-blog, tweet-by-tweet, new skill-by-new skill, I’m doing it. I’m on the case. Just like life.

So look for “Who Are You Calling Grandma? True Confessions of a Baby Boomer’s Passage to go viral because I’m asking for help, I’m letting certain things sit, and I’m doing my bit on behalf of my child... every day.

Together on the Evolving Journey,