I'm at the airport and officially  "Moving to Maui." My suitcase and two boxes passed the stress test so the home scales must be accurate within a pound. (That's one way to find out!) With a 50 pound limit, each one weighed 48.50. "It looks like I'm traveling heavy," I said to the Alaska rep, "but I'm actually traveling light--I'm moving there." He seemed mildly amused and I felt exceedingly triumphant. It took a professional packer, myself and last minute help from Sandi to get the essence of myself into these three containers plus a carry-on. When I board in a little while, I will need to lure some onboard brawn to get it into the overhead. And my shoulder bag is in danger of not being shoulderable. Other than my metal-studded belt setting off the security alarm, the morning has gone off without a hitch.

Well, not quite true. Saying goodbye to my closest and dearest friend, Sandi, was more than a hitch. There were tears. And hugs. And happy pain. It called me back to my Portland goodbyes of just three weeks ago:

"I don't want you to go, Delly," my granddaughter, Abby, keep saying.
"I know. It's because I stayed longer and we got so connected," I told her, weaving my fingers together to illustrate.
"What's connected?" she asked.
"When you love somebody so much and you want to be with them and you feel close."
She seemed satisfied and left the room, but was back minutes later.
"It's hard, Delly, because we're connected," she said, weaving her own fingers together, "just like you said,"

So off I go, connected to all of you, yet ready to start my adventure in the little town of Haiku, Maui.

There's the boarding call... must go...carrying all of you in my heart--but that's very light!

With more to come...ALOHA!!!!!