The Law of Attraction—or “LOA” to all you tweeters—is something I noticed before I knew it had a name. After all, observation yields the obvious: half-full cuppers seem to have more vanilla latte experiences and fewer bitter dregs. While the half-empty cuppers seem to expect—and get—more dregs.

But one thing always perplexed me about The Law of Attraction. I’d frequently had the experience of attracting things that my conscious mind couldn’t have imagined. Without image boards, affirmations or even an inkling of its existence, certain things had come into my life, surpassing my own limited desires. What was the name for that? And how did it come about?

Here’s what I mean…

I’m off to Maui on Sunday for the facilitator passage of a company called “The Peaceful Woman.” If at the end of next week it still resonates with my spirit the way it has so far, I’ll be returning again and again as a facilitator, leading other women through this experiential, no-lecture retreat. And as things progress, I’ll have the opportunity to facilitate for TPW in many other parts of the world … Belize, Caribbean, Greece, Cuba and beyond. A new business plan: write for a living and get paid to travel the world supporting the spiritual path and truth of other women. I have to tell you: I didn’t see that coming.

So what’s at work here?

Interesting enough, it was my new mentor/employer, Cher Bertrand, CEO of “The Peaceful Woman” who gave me the answer. “I believe in the Law of Attraction,” she told me, “but I live by the Law of Alignment, which includes and also supersedes the Law of Attraction.”

I got it! The Law of Alignment! Months before, I’d taken down my carefully-created image board and replaced it with a hastily assembled paper “board” (back of an old calendar page). It was dominated by purple pen, my picture and this phrase: “Creating Spiritual and Financial Abundance for Myself and Others.” The names of the “others”—friends, family, colleagues—were scattered out around my photo in big purple bubbles. It wasn’t beautiful like the image board, but it made me grin. It vibrated on the wall. I felt its energy in me.

And yet days later, I realized that something was missing. Who were the people who were going to support and fuel this mission? Who was I going to serve? I made a big paper cradle, taped it underneath the existing board and wrote on it: “WOMEN THE WORLD OVER WHO ARE READY FOR RADICAL TRUST IN THEIR OWN EVOLUTION

I stepped back and cocked my head. The world over? How am I going to do that? I didn’t know. I just knew that every time I looked at that board, something resonated with my spirit. I was aligned with its message.

And then one night last November, I went to Reno to an eWomen event and heard about “The Peaceful Woman.” Linking travel and spirituality, they are committed to providing women with the experiences and support to know their own truth … so that they can participate in their own evolution. TPW describes itself as a global community of conscious, transforming women. I am aligned!

How do you relate to the Law of Alignment?

Together on the Evolving Journey,


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