I’m back at the wheel of the blogging machine, but all has changed. Somehow when I titled my blog, “Moving to Maui” it was with a lack of foresight saved for the networking naïve. Blogs are meant to endure and serve as a foundation for one’s platform and presence online. How long can I be “moving to Maui?” So I hereby change the name of my blog to exactly what it says (and has always said) at the top of this page: “Evolving Journey Blog.” That, my friends, is the subject that will endure as long as I breathe and regardless of where I do my resident breathing.

My Sagittarian self has at long last taken on the cloak of the gypsy spirit. Was it Thomas Wolfe who said, “You can’t go home again.”? (My B.A. in English is in moth balls by now.) But for me, it’s more like constantly going home: To Fair Oaks, California where a symbolic light is always burning in the window on Johnson Drive and in the hearts of my relationships that span 30 years; to Maui, Hawaii, where my circle of spiritual comrades saves my winter space for me; to Boise, Idaho where my mother’s and sister’s houses seem like my own; and now to Newberg, Oregon ("A Great Place to Grow") where I have a sweet little space to  call my own. Okay, a gypsy with a rental home of her own probably isn’t a purebred wanderer. Alas, I don’t do tents.

And so my life takes shape in a way I couldn’t have envisioned, but recognize as mine--more mine than other previously-lived version. On this evolving journey and within the shifting walls of its blog, I’ll be writing about all these places and the spaces they inhabit within…everything from my new grandson’s first giggle to the long-awaited Hawaiian vacation with my dear friend, Sandi--and of course, my inner musings about life on the evolutionary trail. Through it all, you’ll recognize the voice to which you’ve become accustomed. But I fervently hope that sometimes that voice will shock and surprise us both.

A Hui Hou (til we meet again),