The fungi of Maui have a thing for me. And like a house guest more enthusiastic about staying than you are about hosting, they are hard to oust from the premises. When I was on Maui in February with The Peaceful Woman, I investigated an itch only to be startled by a derriere that looked as if it had been clawed by a wild animal! Once back home, my amazing health practitioner, Amber, moved the fungus on down the road with a bottle of Zymex 2. Whew!

Then a couple of months into my residence here, a strange spot appeared on my right foot. Before I knew it, the uninvited guest had brought in friends. I sent for Zymex 2 and in the meantime, doctored it with Colloidal Silver Plus. For a few days, everything seemed to be progressing in the direction of my guest packing its little itchy bags and taking its cohorts with it. But alas, they all decided to stake out at Camp Relapse.

Housemate Linda to the rescue with a referral to her doctor of Chinese Medicine, Ilene! Ilene to the rescue with her Aloha spirit, consulting with me over the phone until she could see me to personally address the fungi. Off I dashed to Mana to acquire Ilene’s recommended remedies--and then on to the produce aisle because no visit to Mana is complete without this sensory treat. Freshness exudes and beauty abounds—much of it tropically wondrous…Star fruit, Lilikoi, Apple-bananas, Mango, Passion fruit, Papaya and… what was this?” Before me was a mesmerizing array of oval-shaped red fruit with green leaf-like appendages!

Falling in love in the produce aisle…how cliché!

“What is this?” I asked the produce man.
“Dragon Fruit.”
“What does it taste like?”
“Oh, it’s fairly mild, but very refreshing…”
“It’s so beautiful!”
“It’s more beautiful on the inside,” he said.
And seeing my eyes widen, he asked, “Would you like to taste it?”
“I would!”

When he cut it open, glistening magenta smiled at me, its flesh densely populated with darker speckles. He handed me a generous slice. I can only tell you that Dragon Fruit tastes as beautiful as it looks…as ripe, as juicy, as exotic. Of course, I took one home so I could share it with my housemates…and you.

Dragon Fruit isn’t a staple at Mana. For all I know, it could be gone when I return. For all I know, I could have missed it altogether had I not ventured into downtown Pa'ia that afternoon.  So somehow in my mind, the unplanned trip to Mana for the purpose of fungus deportation is synonymous with the gift of a delectable dragon and the delight of discovery.

The more I allow myself to evolve my life from “what it was” to what it wants to be, the more my “fungus” turns to “fruit.” Even this little incident was a reminder that within the context of the “unwanted” -- patterns, perceived problems, or pain--so often lives the deeply desired. And you know what? It’s the way I want to live now…in Maui, on the Mainland or in Outer Mongolia.

A Hui Hou,(til we meet again)

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