New locales, new lingo…just starting to tap into the powerful vowel-laden language of Hawaii.  There’s a beautiful word I’m fascinated by: mana (a = ah). Hawaiians believe there are two different types of mana. One is a generalized, diffused mystic power; a hard-to-define, personal, inner authority. The other is a specific talent or aptitude such as the ability to heal, to dance superbly, fish with marked success or build the finest canoes.

I have an odd sort of “mana” that has no doubt been with me since I jumped off the cosmic diving board and landed in Cleveland, Ohio with people hovering over me and cooing the name “Maridel.” But it wasn’t until my early twenties that I had reason to discover my gift: I can always find the right home at the right price and sell it when it’s time to go-- no matter what the time frame or market conditions.

In the seventies, when Boeing went bust in Seattle, billboards across the city read, “Will the last person to leave Seattle please turn out the lights?”  There were homes for sale on virtually every street and the newspaper was heavy with desperate ads. My husband and I were guided to move to California—much as I am now to Maui. We put our three-line ad in the paper and a “For Sale by Owner” sign was nailed to the house by my greatly pregnant self. It sold within a few weeks for cash at a profit. One of my mana house tales.

Last night I prayed a mana-based prayer. Praying isn’t something I do very often because I’m communing with Spirit all of the time. For me, it would be like stopping to take a coffee break when I’m constantly sippin’ the finest French roast. But the occasion called for it.

Passing over the tedious economical details, my Former Partner/Current Housemate and I have a house we can no longer support and it’s a very nichey offering. Not as nichey as my once “For Sale” trailer at Dillon Beach with wheels frozen by corrosion, but close. This is a large, older modular home in a classy senior park. We need to sell, rent, or should my FP/CH decide to stay, rent out rooms…and time is short.
So tonight I “called one in.” I prayed for Spirit to use the mana I have built up in a lifetime of housing magic to bring resolution to our seemingly complicated and bittersweet situation—whatever that resolution may be. Not so much for me, as I’m moving on to my new life in Maui with The Peaceful Woman, but more so for my friend who needs to keep his home or at least, benefit from having owned it. To tell you the truth, I don’t know if it works that way. I don’t know if I can use my uncanny mana on behalf of someone else, but tonight it feels right. I'll take my coffee break (make that Kona coffee) and leave my heart-petiton at the door...

So just wondering…What’s your mana—your innate giftedness? Are you using it well? Are you letting it take you into uncharted waters?  We all have mana.

Together on the Evolving Journey,