We all know this... and we all conveniently forget it. We make plans (an excellent thing to do) and then imagine that they are going to follow the stream of our anticipation. Let me ask you this: How many days a week go as planned in your world? How many even resemble the plan? (If you don’t have children, a pet, or a vehicle and/or are not an entrepreneur you may be excused from reading this blog.) Do you recall that saying, “If you want to make the Goddess laugh, tell her your plans?” * Ah yes, but how about this? “If you want to make the Goddess smile, tell her they are flexible!” 

I was “supposed” to be in San Diego tonight. I’ve never been to San Diego and was so happy to finally be compensating for that experiential deficit—especially since the occasion was an astrology workshop with my mentor, Steven Forrest. And not just any old astrology workshop! The name of it was “Dreaming the Volcano!” Who wants to miss a workshop with a name like that? And I was going to bunk with my dear friend, Marsha—a person with whom I have yet to have enough face and heart time. Then get this! After the workshop, a reunion was planned with Loui, a friend with whom I’ve reconnected after 46 years (no, I didn’t mean 4-6). We were going to spend a week in her desert home!

Money entered into the rewrite, but for me, money always seems to be a reflection of something else. Several weeks ago, I began to feel that it just wasn’t going to happen. About a week later, Loui wrote and said that while she had been counting the days, she had received a strong, intuitive message that I wasn’t coming. Neither of us understood why, but we trusted the Goddess. Tonight my friend is back east tending to her daughter, who recently had a major health crisis. Today I was here in Oregon when my daughter-in-love, Nikki, needed me--just diagnosed yesterday with pneumonia on the heels of my granddaughter’s diagnosis.

As I drove the streets this morning, headed for their house in my Mommy suit instead of packing for the port, I felt like I was exactly where I needed to be. Even the previously peeved part of me that really wanted to go to San Diego was quiet—in fact, I think humming. I’m not saying that being Mom today was the sole reason for the shift of plans—for either Loui or me. The “rest of the story” is yet to be revealed, I’m sure. What I am saying is that I felt aligned today with exactly where I was. And this, I am coming to believe, is what matters. Not that our plans come off flawlessly or come off at all, but that we live a life where alignment with a bigger, wider plan is our deepest source of satisfaction.

Now, I assure you I’m not always quite as chipper about change-o-plans as I am tonight, but I have to say, I like the feeling. Or is that the Goddess beaming her smile at me?

(*Adapted from the original quote, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans” -- attributed to none other than Woody Allen.)

Together on the Unfolding Journey,