I can still hear my mother’s voice calling me home to dinner. “Maaar-i-del!” It was a one-word song, a beckoning, a reminder of my place in the world and at the table. I’ve recently been summoned home by another elder. Mother Maui has not only called me home, but has sent for me sooner than planned.

I had my own agenda of course and a lovely agenda it was. My friend, Sandi, and I had made plans last year to vacation on The Big Island mid-June. So after committing to the move to Maui, a new plan emerged: I would simply buy a one-way ticket instead of a round trip—and island hop to my new home when our vacation was over. And where would I lay my head? In a rented room, hopefully with private bath attached. A simple, humble start to a new life.

But I got a better offer: renting a house with Karren Louise and Linda, two “peaceful women” I’d bonded with on my Maui Passage. Upgraded before arrival! I got off our three-way conference call elated, but within minutes felt uneasy. Their move date was May 1 and I would, of course, be jumping on board financially with them at that time--. which meant, for practical reasons, I needed to move sooner. My vacation plans and protracted farewell to Sac would have to be revised. I was equal parts ready to go and wanting to linger…and feelin’ kind of cranky.

But after a few nights rest, a talk with Sandi, and a stare fest with the calendar, I was ready to commit in the form of a plane ride from the city I’ve loved so long to one I wasn’t sure how to pronounce: Makawao—the town Karren Louise and Linda had chosen. The 19th and the 24th of May emerged as the choices. I favored the latter, but balked at the 6:15 a.m. lift-off (with its 4 o’clock alarm) and a plane change in Portland when I knew this airline had direct flights. Still unsure of the dates, I decided to sleep on it, and by the next day, the 19th was feeling like the better option. Yet I shut down the computer that night without doing the deed. Halfway across my room, I turned back and fired up my Dell. “I need to do it now,” I told myself out loud.

The 19th was a whole different story. Would I like to fly at 8:15 instead of 6:15? How about a direct flight instead of a layover? Oops! No seats on that flight? Wait a minute…oh, yes, there’s just one left. Would a window seat be okay?


I was never one of those kids that ignored the call home for supper. “My Mom’s calling,” I would tell my playmate. “I’ve got to go.” Evidently Mother Maui made all the arrangements for an early dinner, and like the girl I once was and always will be, I can’t be late to the table.  

Together on the Evolving Journey,