Almost three days on Maui and too much to tell, but if I wait any longer my life will become unblogable.

The Ride: For those of you who vowed to come see me, Alaska Airline’s new direct flight from Sacramento is great! The plane isn’t purple inside like Hawaiian Air and IZ isn’t crooning while hula dancers sway against a backdrop of dancing palm trees, but the flight is direct, $199 each way, offers reasonable, healthy food to purchase—and if you’re very good (like we evidently were), you get a complementary Mai Tai and a bag of outstanding macadamia nuts. (I also experienced an incredible infusion of love halfway through the ride but I don’t think that’s included in the price.)

The Arrival: My plane was early so my housemates weren’t yet on the scene. I gladly paid the outrageous four dollars for a cart and wrestled my cardboard monsters onto it.  In the process, my shoulder bag with its two glass drinking bottles ensconced on either side fell to the floor. The sound of glass breaking on tile is so loud! Yet, I smiled. My Voss bottle can be easily replaced and my insulated tea cylinder was uncracked. A bonus: almost all the broken glass was contained in the little mesh pocket of the shoulder bag.

Don’t you wish you had a video of me with my cart piled high (add purse, raincoat and sweater), my largest suitcase between me and the cart like an untrustworthy child, and its carry-on sibling being pulled along behind? Maybe not.

The Housemates: I just had enough time to pick the shattered glass from its pocket before Karren Louise (KL) and Linda pulled up and burst from the car--love in their eyes, joy in their smiles, and homecoming in their hugs. In our first team effort, we wrangled the four parcels into the CRV, captured a runaway lamp shade that the window had blown from the car, and piled in together like college girls on vacation to Maui. We’re clear that this tri-some is an experiment for all of us and have spent a fair amount of conference phone time clarifying our agreements. We’re also clear that living our agreements will be different from just “talking them.” But mostly we agree on this: how very lucky we are to have the chance.

The House: Set amidst lush foliage on a half-acre of tree-studded land, our home is a gift for which we vibrate with gratitude. Walls of warm colors, beautiful tile work in kitchen and baths, lovely fans and lamps, mostly tile floors, the house is full of gorgeous carved furniture from Bali--including a huge round gathering table where we plan to share meals not only with each other, but other Peaceful Woman women on the island. Just inside the door, I was greeted by a white and lavender orchid reflected in an immense carved frame mirror: the perfect symbol of my new life in Hawaii.

Next up: Making room for myself on the island.

On the Evolving Path,