In the house in Hiaku on Haiku Road sat a room with my name on it--literally. My housemates had arrived before me and had chosen their rooms already which only made sense. I'd actually enjoyed the experience of other people choosing the town I would live in and the house I would call home. But how would I fare with a pre-chosen room?

"What can we do it make it special for you?" Linda wanted to know the week before I arrived. 
Little white Christmas lights around the ceiling line was my first choice. What else could so easily warm an unfamiliar room? But as we neared the house, I wondered if I would have room envy and if so, how I would handle it.

It was like a replay of the Three Bears. KL's "lanai room" on the back of the house was beautiful, but too open for a writer. Linda's master bedroom at the end of the hall was lovely, but with its king size bed, felt too small. But my room felt "just right!" With its four-poster work-of-art bed from Bali, its beautifully stained cement floor, dark wood and bamboo chest, spaciousness, and giant closet, it was mine--the one I would have picked! The afternoon light, I was told, was  lovely streaming softly through the foliage outside both windows.

The Christmas lights were twined around the frame and posters of the bed, their cord spilling into a frosted bedside vase beside a burning candle. Now it was up to me to make this space my own. My yellow blanket went on the bed, complementing the shade of the deeper yellow walls. On top of that, I placed my a tapesty, its green background reflecting the sheer green curtains. I had brought a sheer window scarf with me from days gone by and looped it loosely around the bedpost frame, entertwined with the lights. A few stems of orange wispy flowers brought from home went into the lighted vase  with pictures of my boys, my grandchildren and myself at twenty-two on the dresser--surrounding a focal point: a silver-framed exhortion: "Live for Today." 

The next day, I began to learn the lay of the land--driving to the other side of the island with Linda for some room shopping. I picked up a hanging closet organizer, a few dishes, a couple of picture frames, a mattress cover and other items. With her help, I'd already located a potential desk and chair on Craig's list for $35. The owner called during our thrift store quest and said it was still available.

Could it be this easy "making room" for myself on the island? It oh-so-gratefully was.

But the next day I went forth alone, driving a fair distance in pursuit of my desk and chair. And that's when I discovered that "making room" was about much more than complementary accessories, a nicely appointed dresser top, or even the queenly look of my draped and lighted Bali bed. 

Coming up next: "Lost on Maui with a Car that Won't Start" 

Together on the Unfolding Path,