It’s been two weeks today since I took up residence in Haiku. So pick up a fork and have a slice of my Maui life, bite by bite. It’s the Back-to-Nature experience I never craved with a kind of Costco, Starbucks, Home Depot twist. (Though that entails a twelve mile ride.) 

Unlocked Doors:People talk about the “good old days” when we didn’t have to lock our doors. I missed that era. Instead I remember standing on the porch in Indiana impatiently stomping to keep the blood flowing in my feet while my mother found her keys. But here in Haiku, we don’t lock our doors when we leave the house. (Though I do turn the dead bolt at night. You can take the girl out of the city….)

Walking to Town: Hey, I walked to town to mail a letter the other day. “Town” is a strip mall across the street from a business building with a couple of restaurants added for aroma. “I could just be walking in California,” I told myself halfway there. Then a sprawling, twisted Dr. Seuss tree with huge orange flowers all over the top reframed that thought for me. Honest to God, there are even Lilikoi fruit trees in the Costco parking lot!

Hanging Out to Dry: I can’t remember if I ever hung my clothes out to dry or just watched my mother do it. We’re doing so to save on the expensive commodity of electricity here on the island, and while our towels now serve as body exfoliators, we have that nostalgic, sunshine smell in our sheets, shorts and skivvies.   

An Ocean on the Way: A fabulous, old, creaky-floored health food store is just five minutes away by car. Guess what accompanies me on my way to “Mana?” The ocean! With windsurfers dotting the waves with bright-winged color.

Critters: Did you know geckos chirp? They do! Inside the house. Loudly!! It’s a Hawaiian serenade. Roosters insist on alarming me at 4 a.m. I’ve explained that I have a cell phone for that purpose but they can’t seem to help themselves. The birds sing very different tunes here and no, I can’t tweet a few bars...but I am entranced.

Upcountry Weather: On this side of the island, known as “upcountry,” it frequently rains in the night and early morning, but is warm and breezy most days. That’s the perfect microclimate for me: cozy, lush and a prevailing sunny mood.

Gifted Greens: We’re gathering fresh organic greens and herbs from our friends’ garden. Just washing and drying them is like touching God. They shimmer with life and we shimmer from eating them.

Evening Yoga: Here in our little town is the most beautiful, expansive Yoga studio you can imagine. What you can’t imagine is me in it, taking “Yoga for the Peaceful Woman” on Wednesday nights from my housemate, Linda. She teaches early mornings too. Imagine me cheering her on from bed.

Raining Avocados: We are avocado blessed! People keep giving us those huge, oversized beauties from their backyard trees. Guacamole, anyone?

There have been quite a few adjustments for me, most notably the cost of things. But there is also great abundance of beauty, generous sharing, and lots of amazing garage sales and thrift stores as people migrate on and off the island. I feel more bountiful than I ever have before! In response to this amazing place, I feel myself becoming more open, free, honest and loving. Underneath its polished, paradise image, Maui is a place of deep and sacred revelation.

Together on the Path,

P.S. So as not to discourage visitors, I'm leaving out the bit about my new relationship to spiders.