I've got a new entry for the Blogger's lexicon: "Back-Blogged."  Translation: Life is moving faster than the speed of one's blogging. Think of it as the opposite of blogger's block.

What's the cure for Back-Bloggedness? Why, a blogging blitz of course. Sitting down and writing three or four blogs and then sending them out every day or two until you're caught up. That's my intent--despite the fact that I'm on my pre-Maui family tour to Oregon and Idaho, a context that doesn't lend itself to regularity in one's blogging habits.

Still, tonight I sit atop my single-wide, blow-up bed, propped up against an enormous leatherette bean bag that constitutes my temporary office in Dundee, Oregon and commit to just that. In the meantime, I leave you with the upcoming headlines:

"Everything You Need Is Right Here Right Now: A Study in Shed Building"

"One Home Behind, One Ahead, Eight In-between"

"Moving Up the Move:A Flight into Synchronicity"

Of course the author reserves the right to alter all titles, content and order of posts persuant to inspiration. But the essence will remain.

See you soon in Blogland!

Together on the Evolving Journey,