I haven’t been blogging. Some of you have kindly called that to my attention--for which I thank you and take your query as a compliment. It’s actually rude, I think, to simply stop blogging. Kind of like disappearing a cast member on a long-running show. Hey, at least have the decency to kill them off so we know how to feel! So as one for whom rudeness is unacceptable, I feel compelled to let you know why my Evolving Journey has not been crossing paths with yours.

I assure you my silence is not due to blogger’s block, as that would imply I’d run out of good material. Ask my mother, who claims I talked before I walked: I have yet to run out of material. It’s more like the experience they describe in AA: “my life has become unmanageable.” Except in my case, “my life has become unbloggable.” A divinely strategized series of inner and outer events has launched me on what I can only describe as a “magical, mystery tour,” of Beatilian proportions. Though, in truth, it would be more accurate to say that the tour which has “taken me away” is a mystical one….full of enchantment and grace, as well as undulating loss, death and rebirth.

So not necessarily blog material…at least right now. My best sense is that I have entered a hiatus that does not offer me the energy to blog or write newsletters on any regular basis. For those of you familiar with astrological language, I am inundated with 12th House energy (the realm beyond physical reality) and Neptune/Pisces energy (the sign and planet associated with the 12th).  If I did an astrology reading for anyone else with a plethora of these energies, I would be suggesting and supporting exactly what I am doing…letting go of certain forms and opening up to a new vision and a greater reality. In short, following the energy. And so I am.

Even so, this is hard for me to do. I take seriously my commitment to communicate with those who have “signed up” for the journey with me via my blog and newsletter. But as you know, the essence of what I share in those missiles is about trusting your own evolution, trusting your guidance and your gut. Trusting that which you have reason to believe is the voice of your soul. I am a far better reflection of those principles by living them than attempting to go against them in the name of responsibility. My first responsibility, always, is to my own evolution.

Right now my own evolution calls me to continue deepening my astrological practice; journal about my current passage; spend quality time in conscious relating by phone, email and in person; connect people with each other (happening to an extraordinary degree); travel by spiritual design; evolve myself in the context of partnership; nurture my grandchildren and the child in me; and above all else, surrender to the most profound spiritual unfolding of my life.
So as I lay down this form for the time being, I invite you to reflect: Is there a choice you are making, or one you need to make, that reflects the truth of your evolution? If so, I would love to hear what that is.

In Hawaii they say, “A Hui Hou” in parting. When I first heard it, I asked what it meant, and this beautiful Hula dancer smiled, gestured to indicate she was rendering a loose translation, and said, “Til we meet again.” I love that because it not only assumes we will meet again, but on an evolutionary path, assumes that in the meantime, we will continue to be connected in spirit.

A Hui Hou with Love and Gratitude for Your Support of My Journey,