There’s nothing wrong with my Mainland clothes. They mix, match, and mingle with each other and with my small, but mighty earring repetoire. I couldn’t bring all my clothes to Maui, but I seem to have chosen well. A few sun dresses, two pairs of shorts, various lengths and colors of pants and a party of tops. Even a raincoat, a sweater and a terry zip-up because I live on the cool hip of Mother Maui.

So why was it that after settling into my island home, my clothes didn’t settle in with me? Most days I stood in front of my closet waiting for that familiar zing of “outfit du jour,” but it seldom came. Somehow in flying across the ocean, I’d become disenfranchised from my own wardrobe.

Yet I wasn’t really in the mood to shop for clothes. My resources and energy were directed toward things to make my room comfy and working area complete. After all, I had clothes but I didn’t have a desk, a clothes hamper, or a rug.

But somehow the Universe caught the trade wind of my desire
On a garage sale excursion for the express purpose of finding a living room rug, I came away with a free elegant hot pink, white and purple caftan. After all my years of not wanting to look like an astrologer, suddenly I had the yen.

A big sack of clothes landed in our living room a few days later—bequeathed by our friend, Lynne. Karren Louise took the one item she wanted and magically, almost everything else in the bag appealed to me and fit: yoga pants (needed for my new yoga self); a little Buddha-ish top (to go with the yoga pants); a long yellow, light fuchsia and mint green translucent skirt; a denim skort; red and green knit tops, and a cute fitted red sweatshirt (which I later passed on to Linda, not wanting to lose housemate points for being a clothesmonger). Mixing these things with my own would spruce up my dressing mood!

 But the Universe was just getting started.

“Hey, let’s look in this consignment store,” Karren Louise said as we walked down the street in Paia. Anything up a narrow flight of stairs is irresistible to me. The little room at the top was cozy with clothes chosen by someone who loves clothes--bursting with color, texture and prints, yet nicely organized. “The $1 bin is here and the $2 and $3 bins are over there,” the owner said. But these were no ordinary bargain bins. An hour and twenty-six dollars later I came away with what Karren Louise called “your new wardrobe.” Everything from “big-patterned home movie night pants” to a sexy, black sequined top that goes well with my new short-sleeve, short-cut purple jacket…and much more.

I’ve been “redressed” by the Universe—which means “restored, put right, evened out.” In honor of the new energy in my closet, I’ll let some of my mainland togs go. I’ll also be dropping by North Shore Consignment from time to time, allowing my island look to find and refine me. 

“Why move to Maui,” a little voice says, “unless you’re going to let it change you?” “You didn’t come all this way just to clone yourself!”

And clothes are just the beginning…

A Hui Hou,*

*Until we meet again