Last year I moved to Maui against all odds and in the face of almost everyone’s shock, including my own. (The exception was my mutually-adopted daughter, Donna, who said, “Of course you are!”) It was a radical move after living in California since I was twenty-four, arriving there as as ten-day-old mama to my firstborn. My children had grown up in Sacramento and so had I. Through the years, I'd enthusiastically considered this city not only my home, but the base of my spiritual roots. Even when romance took me down the highway of love to Fresno, I could only stay away a few years. But then one fateful night, after signing up for training with a Maui-based company, I got a call on that “inner phone line.” I didn’t tell a soul, but I knew I'd been called to reside on the vuluptous body of Mother Maui.

Once it was time to set things in motion, there was a staggering amount to consider, decide, and get rid of! But bloggers have a secret aid in such extreme circumstances. Overcome? Overwrought? Take a deep breath…and blog!!Moving to Maui” ran for eight months thirty-two issues before Life stationed me in a new locale: back to the Mainland to live near my Portlandian children and grandchildren. Not fully understanding, but nevertheless trusting, this redirection, I moved to Newberg, Oregon—thirty miles west of Portland. My blog was renamed. My blog focus retrained. I would always stay connected to my Maui circle, but I was no longer moving, living or breathing there.  Felt like the end of the blogstory.

But as they say in Hawai’i “Nothing is as it seems.”

A couple of weeks ago, I received two emails just a few days apart. The first woman’s name was that of one of my  dearest friends. The other woman’s was that of my daughter-in-love. One was based in Portland. The other lived on the rural outskirts of Sacramento. They had each found my blog, “Moving to Maui,” and were asking for the same thing: any emotional support I could give them to find the courage to move to a place to which they felt called.

You’d have to have a hardy belief in “co-incidence” to imagine that nothing was going on here. Fortunately, I am not endowed with that particular distraction. So I started corresponding with both women: in fact, arranging to meet with each. (So happens I’m scheduled to visit Sac this summer.) It also happens that I was in Paia, Maui one day last week en route to the Big Island. Meeting three friends at the magical outdoor Café Des Amis, I pulled out the emails and shared portions with these reps from my Maui tribe. Would they be willing to welcome and support these women if they moved to Maui? I think the resounding “Yes!” jolted a few nearby patrons from their culinary reverie, but I just grinned.

Are these two women of different ages and stages of life meant to move to Maui? Am I a liaison for offering them a place in the circle that so lovingly enfolded me? Are they to be connected to one another in their shared calling? Will my relationship with them, and theirs with me, significantly change our lives?  No answers or a need for them, but I do have this: the certainty that when we send our true selves out into cybersphere through the medium of a blog, we never know whose lives we will touch, connect with, or deeply affect--including the life of our own soul. As one of the women wrote to me, "I'm amazed at the miracle of tecnology and that we could even be having this conversation."
Thanks to the humble blog.

Have you had any experiences of unexpected connections or unlikely communications as a result of your blog?

A Hui Hou ~til we meet again,