“Have you heard that Maridel gets her dental work done in Hawai’i?” From such queries rumors are spun. So before you hear that I’m jetting off to Sweden for a blood test or to Italy for a pap smear, here’s the truth: I am going to The Big Island to be crowned (literally) the Queen of Molars Gone Bad. (I have a layover on Maui. Should I get a pedi there?)

But here’s the irony of all this: my upcoming dental getaway isn’t a reflection of affluence. In fact, if I were wealthy enough to get my “crowns done” in Hawaii, I certainly wouldn’t spend it getting my crowns done in Hawaii! But while living in Maui last year (moving there for employment), a molar crown unmoored from its dock without notice. How rude! Fortunately for me (the dentally uninsured), I was offered very reasonable coverage. So when I visited The Big Island in March (for a long-planned vacation with my friend, Sandi), I dropped by the sister office there for an X and a scrub. Only to find out that the new crown and its old enamel neighbor had “open margins” – which sounds like a generous attribute to me, but makes dentists’ brows furrow unattractively. On that trip, I wouldn’t be on the island long enough to undertake the cure. So it was either a) go home and repay for a replacement crown or b)return to Hawai’i and get it replaced at no charge—along with an insured rate for its ailing pal.

Anything to think about there?
Other than, “Do I have enough frequent flyer miles?”
Summoning up the last of those miles, and arranging to stay in my sister and brother-in-law’s condo, I head off for a three-week stay in paradise, albeit with dental excursions on the side.
So while “the rumor” is true—something else is more true. Dentistry is not the purpose of this visit. Dentistry is the catalyst. The Universe, I’ve repeatedly noticed, will do whatever it takes to get one’s booty and soul in the right place at the right time. Against my wishes to save my flyer miles for next winter when the Northwest winds blow, I have been called to come fly the friendly skies of Spirit…now.
I love this space where the direction is clear, the plans are in place, but the mystery has yet to unfold. I do trust that it will be timely to be with my friend, Jackie, whose Mom passed away since I saw her there in March. I do suspect that my friend, Jill, and I will be taking a significant soul conversation, begun on my last visit, to a new level. And I do rejoice that my friend, Loui, with whom I have reconnected via email after forty-six years apart, will be joining me there for a week—our attempts to do so on the Mainland failing. But what I don’t know is the deeper reason for being there right now…a reason evidently so important that the Universe would unabashedly use my fallen crowns as the means to that end.

It’s the kind of revelation that won’t yield to speculation…it has to be lived. So off I go...

Have you had an experience of “external circumstances” that obviously had a deeper agenda? Did you see it coming? Or realize it after the fact?

Together on the Evolving Journey,