Laugh? Complain? Urrrrgh! Swear? Actually, I alternate between the options every time I open a magazine and see an airbrushed forty-year-old as the model for “anti-aging” skin care. Ranting is another option, except that it isn’t really worth ranting about. Well, maybe just a little. A mini-rant before I move on to something more dignified.

What do the advertisers imagine that we--the fifty and the sixty-year-olds with our share of little sags, tiny bags and crow’s feet—are thinking?

 “Wow! She looks great! I’m going to get some of that stuff! It really works!

More like, “Phhht! What happened to truth in advertising?”  Yet this isn’t even an attempt at truth—more like a mockery of it. Youth + airbrushing + anti-aging cosmetics. I ask you, as far as looking young, which is the least effective anti-aging technology?

But rather than start a brigade, a delegation or an e-protest, here’s where I’m going to run with this. Anne Lamott wrote, “Joy is the best make-up.” It’s true! You can be young and air-brushed while wearing the state-of-the-art anti-aging products and drive people away who will never make up with you. But joy exuded is a beautifying magnet!

And I’m not just saying that because I’m over sixty and it’s all I’ve got to cheer me. It’s evident in my mirror each day. When I’m on a "love-my-life high" or just plain peaceful, I see a young woman whose glow transcends her makeup—if she’s wearing any. But when I’m down, feeling overwhelmed and fearful, “Geeez! Who is that old lady?”

No doubt you’ve conducted the same science experiment.

So this is my proposal: Since joy can’t be found in a bottle…since it only comes from within…let’s cultivate the ultimate anti-aging make-up of joy everyday--by being ourselves and following that energy wherever it takes us. And while we’re at it, might as well use the best make up product we can find to condition, love and protect our radiant faces! (Created by my friend, Brenda Azevedo of Just B Cosmetics)

Together on the Evolving Journey,