Testimonials for "Who Are You Calling Grandma?"


 Who Doesn’t Love “Who Are You Calling Grandma?”

“How could I resist reading a book with a first line like that? (You’ll just have to read it for yourself.) At once touching, humorous and realistic, it captures the essence of what millions of them will experience.
--Hal Zina Bennett, author of “Write From the Heart


“The universal aspects of human life—birth, love, sex and death—are for obvious reasons, well-trodden literary territory. How amazing that Maridel Bowes has found in that land an uncharted continent! With a fine mix of humor, insight and unflinching, iconoclastic honesty, Maridel maps this world for us. It shocks and illuminates us as only a fresh look at the deeply familiar can.”
--Steven Forrest, author of “The Inner Sky


“I am not a grandmother nor am I even close to becoming one yet. I read this wonderful adventure into “Grandmother-hood” with delight, surprise and laughter. It was like peeling back the layers of an inside story to find so much humor and insight. A must-read for women of any age.”
--Michelle Gamble-Risley, author of “Second Bloom” and Mother of Two


“I just finished reading this book and I didn't want it to stop. The author does an excellent job of sharing her feelings. I laughed and cried as the story brought back my own memories of the birth of my first grandchild.”
--N. Visonhaler, Grandmother of Two


“I read this book in one day! A close friend gave it to me, but because I wasn’t anxious to be a grandmother yet, I let it sit for a couple of weeks.  When I started reading I was hooked!  From the introduction to the epilogue I was captivated by the author’s humor and honesty. It touched me as a woman and a mother. I laughed and cried, and I loved the ending. Now I can’t wait until Maridel’s next book.”
--I. Sanchez, Not Yet a Grandma


“I loved this book! And it didn't matter that I'm not a mother or a grandmother. Ms. Bowes shares her journey into grandmotherhood in such a warm, humorous and insightful way I felt a part of her family. Many of her insights and experiences were commonly shared and I've been there -- though perhaps without her awareness and grace. This book is a wonderful gift. And while you’re at it, treat yourself to a real gem.”
--S. Nardini, Mom to Cats and Dogs


“MUCH, MUCH MORE than a book for expectant Boomers! This is a wonderful, delightful book about any and all relationships, as well as self- discovery and dealing with your own inner dilemmas and conflicts. Read it! You will love it!”
--S. Randolph, Great-Grandmother of One


As a “man of years” this isn’t the kind of book I would ordinarily read, but as a professional writer myself, the author intrigued me. The book turned out to be not only honest and intelligent, but so funny! I laughed every time I picked it up. Maridel often says more in one sentence than other people say in a page. I’m telling everyone about this book!
--Steve Green, Columnist and Grandfather


“Being a Baby Boomer myself I was interested to see if the author's experience was anything like my own. I was delighted to read such an insightful and humorous book about this major passage into grandparenthood, but found it related to other transitional periods of my life. There are some universal feelings as we transition from one life stage into the next.”
--S. James, Grandmother of Four


Just the first chapter already brought forth several belly laughs and a few tears. 2:58 a.m. found me under the covers with a flashlight turning the final page and closing the book softly with a sigh and a smile. Thanks, Maridel!
--Melinda Brovelli, Grandmother via Marriage






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