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"Who Are You Calling Grandma?"

True Confessions of a Baby Boomer’s Passage”

“How could I resist reading a book with a first line like that?”

                        -Hal Zina Bennett, author of “Write from the Heart”

From the Back Cover:

Tri, tri again! Think your trimester days are over because you delivered your children safely to earth and then had your tubes tied? Or reached menopause hotly and happily? Or had all the baby-toting equipment removed from you body? Not so fast, sister! What about the “Grand Triathlon?” Nine months of déjà voo-doo: your grandchild in the body of another woman!

“Who Are You Calling Grandma? True Confessions of a Baby-Boomer’s Passage” is as poignant as it is funny, and covers the ground of this life-changing passage with bracing honesty and coffee-cup intimacy. Whether you are a Boomer on the verge of becoming “Grand” a woman who has given grandbirth many times over, or one who isn’t even close to the gate, you’ll relate.

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"Houses of My Consciousness"  

Waking From Religion To Spirit


From the Back Cover:


The Guidance That Led to a Miracle

When an eighty-seven year old woman receives spiritual guidance she doesn’t want to follow, she decides to ignore it. But as the weeks pass, events conspire to convince her that she must respond to the mysterious message. For months after taking action, she’s perplexed. Why had the guidance been so compelling? What was its purpose? Then on a cruise, she encounters a stranger with a message of her own and answers slowly begin to reveal themselves. 

This is the story of Adelaide Woodcook, who was born into the heart of a religious system that made no room for her high-spirited personality or her innate connection to God. Marrying a minister of the same denomination, she sealed her commitment to the church and her place within its hidden world. But even that vow couldn’t stop her yearning or her search for an experience of God outside the only doctrine she knew. 

“Houses of My Consciousness” is a journey through the houses Adelaide inhabited throughout her life—each one the backdrop for experiences that led to her extraordinary late-in-life transformation and the guidance that would bring everything to fruition.









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